A Tribute to Dr. Nathaniel Leach Co-founder
of the American Pool Checker Association
January 11, 1911 - October 24, 2005

Mr. Charles "Pecan" Thompson, long time top master player of The American Pool Checker Association, describes Dr. Leach as being a "giant" amongst men as far as The American Pool Checker Association was concerned.  It was his vision and that of his cohort, John Otis, in on the task of organizing players into a strong single body goverened by regulations and rules.  The APCA rules booklet that is now being used to govern pool Checkers tournament play is, for practical purpose, his personal handwork.  These rules have remained the guiding principal for all players during the organization's existence of 40 plus years.  For numerous years Dr. Leach held the position as Tournament Director of the organization and he believed in adhering to those rules that he had coined.