Mr. Fred D. Shurn


Fred D. Shurn
Chicago, Illinois 

Below is a copy of an email received from Charles "Pecan" Thompson where he submits the name of Fred Shurn. Also the editor submitted an email supporting "Mr. Pecan's" choice. If there are no oppositions to this selection then his name will be placed amongst this distinguished list of names.

Hi All;
Here is another selection that I would like to make with respect to the American Pool Checkers' Goodwill Ambassador.   I will like to select a person who has been with the game since, I think, the 1980s.
Fred D. Shurn has been a loyal member of the Homan Square Pool Checkers and Chess Club since its inception. Additionally, he was a member of the, now defunct Chicago American Pool Checkers Club for over 20 years. He has played, observed, are just been a part of the Game no matter where it was being played. It didn’t matter whether it was in New York City, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Durham, N.C, Los Angeles, Chicago, or  at “Moochie’s” Birthday Party in Florida, or in some other city, Mr. Shurn was there.

I met Fred D. Shurn way back in the eighties when our own Janus “Detroit“: Whitehead. (of “Buster-Clyde Black infamy) called him a “Suit Wearing Mother.” (It was just an expression of endearment and frustration) simply because he (Mr. Shurn) couldn’t play the “Special.” on a local player. It seems, not only was Mr. Shurn a real’scrub’ then, he was blocking Mr. Whitehead‘s ‘hustle‘ by deterring him from playing and making his daily 50 cent bets against this local player.

Mr. Shurn has come a long ways since then though. He has won three APCA championships since that time. Those championships are the Blue Ribbon, Gold Bar, and Jr. Masters. He’s now a legitimate Master player now (and seeking to win it) and become a bonified Top Master.
I have personally traveled with Mr. Shurn to Atlanta, South Bend, Toledo, and Detroit to engage in our favorite past time-American Pool Checkers. Additionally, if I recall correctly, he hasn’t missed an APCA Tournament in the last 25 years.

And finally, it doesn’t matter whether he’s winning a “pitch and squeeze’ game from all time great -Top Master, Mr. Freddie Owens (of which I am told there was great joy on the part of Mr. Shurn’s  when he did) or playing “Pecan” a thousand games, Fred D. Shurn simply enjoys playing or watching the Game.

Simply put, Mr. Shurn, has always supported the game/ When it comes to paying club dues, he’s one of the first-usually paying annually. When it comes to attending tournaments, he is there, and when it comes to helping support and activity, one can always depend on him.
I offer the name of Fred D. Shurn to be considered for this award.
Thanks, “Pecan”

 Charles Thompson