Grandmaster Iser Kuperman

Grandmaster Iser Kuperman
Top Master and 7 times winner of the APCA Annual National Tournament

Prior to entering the United States in 1974, Russian International Grandmaster Iser Kuperman had become a living legend on the 64 squares as well as the 100 squares boards.  He was severn times world champion.  It has been recorded that no other before nor since has equaled his achievements in the game of draughts.  Of his many achievements he wrote several masterpieces for the students of Russian Draught and the International Game (100squares).  One of his books, Куперман И. И., Каплан В. М. Начала и середина игры в шашки, translated in English as Kuperman, I.I., Kaplan, V.M., Openings and Middle Game in Checkers, and addressed the c3-d4 openings was sought after by many American pool checkers players in the United States.  One strong pool player, Garland Watson, deceased, of Raleigh, North Carolina, claimed "if a student of the game had this book he could get rid of the rest" indicating that this book was quite thorough and informative in aiding the student to elevate his game.

The American Pool Checkers Association's records reflect that Mr. Kuperman entered the Association's 1984 Annual Tournament held at Nassau, Bahamas and that he was affiliated with the Bahamas club.  From interviews and reading articles written by others, one could conclude that he stormed the Association and its players like a whirlwind, "taking no prisoners." He caused other to raise their level of play to become somewhat more competitive.  Thereby, you can accredit him with being a factor in the revolutionizing of American pool checkers playing in the United States.  As-a-matter-of-fact, one of the players who was around during Mr. Kuperman's reign over the American Pool Checkers Association as its Champion, Mr. Charles "Pecan" Thompson, in his article, Pecan's-20 Greatest American Pool Checkers Players of All Times, listed Mr. Kuperman as the greatest of them all.  Click on the following hyperlink, and then on Mr. Kuperman's name for further information regarding Mr. Thompson's observations.

In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Kuperman for his contributions to the game of checkers and express my condolences to his family and friends.  He may be gone but in the checkers' arena his legacy will always be remembered. CGooche