2019 APCA Tournament Results

There was a tie for 3rd place.  Both Clinton Thang and Timoty Irving had 110 points each with
19 wins.  Thang got 6 points from Alexander Katz thereby wining 3rd place.
There was a tie for 6th place between Jason "Schoolboy" Wisdom and Henry Stokes with 104
points each.  Wisdom won 15 games thereby wining 6th Place.  Joseph Wilson and Donald
Jackson tied for 8th place.  Donald Jackson won 13 games clinching 8th place.  Michael Weaver
and Freddie Welcher tied for 18th place. Michael Weaver won 13 games thereby winning 14th
place.  Fred D. Shurn and Charlie Williams tied for 19th place.  Fred Shurn won 5 games
clinching 19th place.

There was a 2 way tie between Joe Davis and Lonnie Davidson for 3rd place Lonnie got 2 draws with
General Owens clinching 3rd place.

There was a tie for 4th place.  Neely Booker and Charles Smith had 40 points with Neely Booker
clinching 4th place.  Arthur Cahoun and Robert Firstlist tied for 6th place.  Arthur Cahoun clinched
6th place.  Tal Roberts and Curtis Brothers tied for 8th place.   Tal Roberts
clinched 8th place'

Kenneth Jones and Tommie Peoples tied for 4th place.  Kenneth Jones won 4th place as he got 6
points from 2nd place finisher.  Elliot S. Eley, James Lyles, and Ernest Lee tied for 6th place. 
Ernest Lee clinched 6th place.  James Lyles clinched 7th place and Elliot S. Eley Won 8th place.

Hosie Haskin and Stanly Polk tied for 5th place. Stanly Polk won 5th place.