2015 APCA Tournament Results

There was a three way tie for 4th place between Eddie McNair, Al Lambert and Michael Jordan. 
Applying the following rule 4th place was awarded to Eddie McNair and 5th place went to Al
Lambert.  There was a two way tie for 9th place.  Applying the tie breaker rule 9th place was
awarded to Arthur McCarr.  There was a 2 way tie between Freddie Welcher and Michael Weaver
for 13th place.  Michael Weaver left the tournament without playing all players including Freddie
Welcher.  13th place went to Freddie Welcher



O.  Determing the Winner

     2. When two or more players, who are finalists and who will receive an award, are tied with the same
         score at the end of the Tournament, the following procedures will be used
 to break the tie between
         players and arrive at one winner: (1) the total number of games won
 will be given first consideration; 
 (2) how the two opponents fared against each other; and lastly, (3) how the players fared
         against other opponents in their division, starting with the highest-finishing opponent and working
   These procedures will be employed in the listed order

There was a two way tie for 2nd place.  Applying the tie-breaker rule George Nichols was awarded 2nd place.  Also there was a three way tie for 5th and 5th place was awarded to Derrick Williams as he won the most games.  6th place went to Jerry Douglas.  There was a two way tie for 10th place and applying the tie breaker rule, 10th place was awarded to Jackie Carr,

There was a two way time for 6th place. applying the tie breaker rule, 6th place was awarded
to Arthur J. Bell

There was a two way tie for 6th place.  Applying the tie breaker rule 6th place was awarded
to Booker Neely.  Also there was a three way tie for 9th place and 9th place was awarded to
Oliver Griffin.  8th place was awarded to Joe Thomas,

There was a Two way tie for 8th place and Rev. Willie Sumlin was awarded 8th place.  There was a tie for 13th place.
Jimmy Kent was awarded 13th place